Volunteer Screening Instructions

Volunteer Screening Instructions

Hermiston Adventist School


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Step 1: Go to www.ncsrisk.org/adventist and click on the first-time registrant button.


Step 2: Select the state where your program is located (Washington) and then select the conference (Upper Columbia Conference)


Step 3: Create a user ID and a password you can easily remember.  It's recommended to use your email address for your username.


Step 4: Please provide the information requested on the screen. (Note: Do not click the back button or your registration will be lost.)


Step 5: Select your primary location where you work or volunteer (Hermiston Adventist School) and click continue.  If you work or volunteer in another location, please select 'Yes' and then select that location.


Step 6: Select your role(s) within the organization (multiple may be selected)


Step 7: Click on the green circle to begin the online training. 


Step 8: Upon completion the last screen will allow you to print a certificate.  Please print this for your records.  You do not need to bring this to the school.


Step 9: Please read the instructions regarding the details of the online training and then proceed.  Select 'Click Here' to begin the online training.  (Note: This can take up to one hour.)


Step 10:  Upon completion of your online training, you will be instructed to complete your background check.  Please complete the steps within the background check process.

Thank you!