Student Safety

Student Safety

It is our goal that students are safe at all times.  Some of the policies to help us ensure this are as follows:


Check-Out Procedure

If a student is to be picked up before the close of the school day, the school should be notified in advance and the parent/guardian should stop at the office to sign the child out. The parent will then wait for the child to come down to the office.


Transportation Arrangements

Parents or guardians will fill out a form at registration that tells us who is authorized to pick up their child(ren) from school. If someone other than the parent or guardian or authorized individual on the form is picking them up after school, please call the office so we will know of these plans. If students will be going to another student’s home after school, arrangements need to be made prior to the beginning of the school day and the school should be notified in advance.


Car Seat Laws

Oregon law requires that all children under 8 weighing more than 40 lbs. and who are 4 feet 9 inches or shorter must ride in a child safety system which elevates them (i.e. booster seat) so the lap and shoulder belt fit them properly. If your child does not meet the standards by law, a booster seat must be provided for all school activities that require transportation. If your child doesn’t have a booster seat, attendance on the outing will not be permitted.



Persons volunteering at the school in any way need to complete an online course which includes a background check. This registration process can be completed at  If volunteers will be driving students for any school function, proof of insurance, public liability, driver’s license information and background check must be on file in the office. Volunteer Information and Private Transportation forms are available in the office, or online here. Volunteers/visitors must check in at the office upon arrival.


Injuries at School

Students who have an accident while at school should report an injury immediately to their teacher or supervisor. Failure to do so may jeopardize a successful insurance claim. Parents must sign the Consent to Treatment form at the time of registration. In case of serious injury, the school will attempt to contact the parent/ guardian. However, if no one can be reached and in the judgment of the teacher and/or principal immediate medical attention is necessary, medical aid will be given or summoned.


Medication at School

State regulations require that prescription and over-the-counter medications be given to students at school only with written permission by parents or guardians. The medication must be brought to school in the original container with the student’s name on it. Medications will be kept in the office. A Medication Permission and Administration Form must be completed and kept on file.


Illness at School

Students are to be free of illnesses and fevers while attending school. If your child has a fever, he/she should remain at home. If your child becomes ill while attending school, he/she may be removed from the classroom, and you may be called to pick up your child from the school sick room as soon as possible.


Head Lice

Students with head lice are to be removed from school and asked to remain at home until treatment has taken place. A head check must be passed (no visible eggs) before the student can return to the classroom