Dress and Grooming

Dress and Grooming
Our desire to have an excellent school program incorporates all phases of the school experience and includes how our students dress. So that our students will be at their best, we ask that they wear clothes that are modest, functional, clean and in good repair. Uniforms with logos are required at all times, unless otherwise announced.


The following rules should be kept in mind as the students are preparing for school each day:


  1. Uniforms Include: Jackets with school logo, black, navy, royal blue, or white polo shirts with logo (long or short sleeve), khaki or black uniform style pants, skorts or shorts (not above mid-thigh when standing or sitting). Clothing should be clean and without patches or tears. On Fridays jeans and Docker- style pants in good repair may be worn. 
  2. Hair should be neat and clean, free from extreme hair colors or styles. Hats may be worn outside.
  3. Shoes need to be practical and easy to put on and take off. Sandals with heel straps may be worn. Please, no flip flops.
  4. No nail polish and only natural makeup are acceptable. Bracelets necessary for medical purposes may be worn. All other jewelry needs to be kept at home. HJA chooses this policy to reduce peer pressure among students to wear jewelry at school, thus leaving families free to establish their own guidelines at home.
  5. No tattoos or other markings on the skin.


Although Christians agree that basic principles such as modesty are important, it is not nearly as easy to agree on how those principles should be applied in a given instance. It should be understood that it is the teacher who will be the final authority in applying the above standards for the students in his/her classroom