Driver Qualifications

Driver Record/Qualifications for Field Trip Drivers


  • All drivers who plan to drive students other than your own will need to fill out the transportation form
  • All drivers need proof of insurance, public liability, driver’s license information and background check on file in the office.
  • All drivers shall be properly licensed and comply with all Federal, state and/or provincial laws for the class of vehicle being operated.
  • The recommended minimum age for drivers shall be twenty-one (21) years.
  • Drivers shall have an acceptable driving record during the previous three years with not more than two moving traffic citations and no at-fault accidents while driving any vehicle.
  • Private vehicles (non-school owned) used for school activities shall be currently insured to comply with state law.
  • When a driver does not meet the above driving standard, he/she shall not be allowed to drive for a school sponsored activity.
  • Transporting students in the back of open pickups or trucks is prohibited.


(Provided by Adventist Risk Management, Inc.)