Behavior Goals

Behavior Goals
It is our goal at Hermiston Adventist School to run a quality school program where discipline is redemptive and positive. To that end, our behavior goals are based on the following:

  • Learning increases when there is good behavior.
  • Every student can behave thoughtfully.
  • Success is measured by how well we teach students to be self-managers.
  • Our standards for behavior are taught in every phase of the school program with a goal of love for one another. Our behavior should be gracious, kind, patient and respectful.

When a student misbehaves, he/she should be given a chance to “fix” the effects of their misbehavior. This may include the principles of peacemaking as described in Matthew 18.

If a teacher or principal deems it necessary, consequences will be given. The degree to which a consequence is given will be in relation to the offensiveness of the behavior. This could include simply a warning, or loss of privileges, detention (in-school isolation), as well as possible suspension or expulsion.


Student Responsibilites:

Since the school exists to serve those students who desire a quality Christian education, it is expected that with God’s help they will respect the rights of others, be courteous and helpful to fellow students, respectful to staff members, and reverent in spiritual matters. Honesty, purity, kindness, and self-control in work and action will be expected from each student.