Bell and Chime Choirs

Hermiston Junior Academy has a four-octave bell choir in which the students in grades 6-8 participate, and a three-octave chime choir comprised of the students in grades 3-5.  There is no charge to students for these choirs.  All practices take place during school hours.  The bell and chime choirs are performance groups and, as such, the students are graded by their participation in the practices and the concerts.  There are two main concerts every year at the school: the first one takes place at Christmas time in December and the second is the spring concert in May.  Other concerts take place in local churches throughout the year.



Violin Program

Group violin lessons are available for grades K-8 at no cost to students. To those students who rent violins from the school, a monthly fee of $10 will be charged. Students are responsible for the cost of any necessary instrument repairs above and beyond normal wear and tear.


Special emphasis Is places on "playing for Jesus" and using all of our talents to bless and minister to others. A string orchestra of advanced players rehearses weekly for an hour after school.